Carlos Mullen No Bad Days Ranch PTSD and Politics

Episode 37

Live from the Smokin Js podcast studio in Olympia, Washington. Carlos Mullen joins Jay to discuss his service to America, his latest adventure in entrepreneurship, and his take on hot button political topics. Carlos is a partner in No Bad Days Ranch, a legal cannabis producer/processor in Washington state. The ranch is focused on purely organic high quality cannabis products, and connecting the ranch property to first responders and military service members suffering from PTSD.

Carlos is an American immigrant, brought to the United States by his parents from Columbia. He proudly served in Operation Enduring Freedom from 2006-2014. Unfortunately an IED ended his service. He was awarded a Purple Heart for his distinguished military service. Carlos has an amazing life story, and his connection to cannabis saved him from a dangerous addiction to alcohol. He now finds himself with a mission to cultivate cannabis and support fellow PTSD sufferers with the healing properti…

Corruption in Your Face

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This episode is about a recent example of corruption by a professional play actor, and how it ties into another clear case of corruption by the Democratic National Committee. No change will come without holding corruption accountable. But it must come from within.

Luis Hernandez phones in to ask a question.

Tweet of the Week: Michael Tracey has been blasting media pundits that tricked and duped the American public for two years advancing the false and salacious narrative surrounding RussiaGate. The Tweet of the Week calls on the fateful "Russia if You're Listening" campaign joke by President Trump.

Let’s start it off! Jussie Smollet! The smelter of the truth. The great fabricator. He is a trained faker after all. This story will not go away! First, unimaginable victim of hate from ignorant white men. No, not just ignorant, but evil white m…

EP-035 Honesty Within the Immigration Reform Debate

Live from the Smokin Js podcast studio in Olympia, Washington. This is the immigration reform podcast! Too many topics are not discussed on main stream media, and yet they are the aspects most important to the American public. But hey, a wall is easy to understand and divide people with. #enjoy

So here we are in the middle of a government shutdown, or a partial shutdown, or a everyone will get paid government vacation.  Whatever you want to call it, President Trump has drawn his own line in the sand marrying immigration reform to the partial vacation shutdown.

We've had shut downs before.  I won't cry for the government worker who is living without pay for a few weeks.  All jobs carry risks, even the cushiest jobs in the country.  No political party or pundit cares about the government worker on vacation.  The real issue is immigration.

The real issue is the border wall Trump promised Mexico would pay for in his 2016 election.  First let's look at the campaign promis…

EP-034 Portland Culture Wars and Tweet of the Week

This EP is sponsored by ME!  No pan handling here.
Sean Wilkening is back for another visit to discuss recent Culture Wars in Downtown Portland and how they extrapolate to the broader divisive problem in the United States.

Tourists Stuck in an Antifa protest.

Video of Elderly Man stuck in Antifa protest.

Crosswalk Cathy: @MrAndyNgo Covers Jumping to Conclusions and the Ramifications.

Tweet of the Week: @helena_jennie Interview with James Douglass

Recently I came across a powerful tweet by @helena_jennie in which she posts a 45 minute interview with James Douglass, author of JFK and the Unspeakable.  He studied the prominent assassinations of the 60's and through this analysis has drawn striking conclusions about the United States.

He talks about the personal responsibility of evil.  Recognizing that the evil done on this world by our government is not the responsibility of an uncontrollable monolith, but by you, by me.  Taking responsibility that we are the government.

Just …

EP-033 Jay Frodo in Studio on Spirituality and Entrepreneurialism

This episode is the perfect blend of hippie, business, and free agent lifestyle I envisioned when I created The Conservative Hippie Podcast. Enjoy, and please leave an iTunes review, share the pod with your social circle, and shoot me an email with any comments. #Enjoy

Jay Frodo, founder of Dichroic Alchemy, Atlantis Glass, Maui Super Herbs, Maui CBD, and Maui Medical Ashram joins Jay Fratt in studio to discuss his entrepreneurial philosophy and insights into spirituality.

Beyond starting success companies, Jay Frodo has also been able to pull away from his entrepreneurial creations to seek more fulfillment in life. He has developed specific theories on the life cycle of a business which he shares with us. An example being an equation he came up with for entrepreneurial success: Passion x Momentum = Breakthrough.

Guru is a term that could be applied to Jay Frodo. Perhaps life coach is another label. However, Jay Frodo doesn't like the modern narrow definition of these …

EP-032 Recycling Immigration and Scott Horton on Yemen

I've been gone for a minute, but I'm back now!  Soccer has taken over my podcasting time for many months.  Check out the Kick from the Spot podcast if you are interested in the EPL, Champions League, and the US Men's National Team.

3:00 Mark:  Libertarians are missing an opportunity on environmentalism and recycling.

14:35 Mark:  New segment:  The Unwritten Rules of Society.

18:38 Mark:  Interview with Scott Horton
I'm recording from the new Smokin Js podcast studio, complete with some new tricks.  The Conservative Hippie Podcast now has telephone interview capabilities!  We stretch out our new legs with a powerful interview of Scott Horton on the US involvement in the war in Yemen.  What the heck are we doing there, and what's the point of this conflict?  Scott brings his energetic style and deep knowledge base on foreign policy to the podcast.

54:04 Mark:  Periscope Immigration Rant

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EP-031 The Trump Turn and Update

I'm back, but not with a vengeance.  More like some kind words.  Episode 31 is a Trump defender coming out a bunker to see if the cultural climate is right to comment once again.

It's been a while so I give my stance on gun control, the government spending bill, North Korea, and Syria.  But mainly this is a friendly hello and update as I reach out once again to my fellow terrestrial astronauts stuck in the middle with me.

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