US Elections Covid Crisis and the Great Reset

Episode 55 - US Elections Covid Crisis and the Great Reset
Clips!  I have some audio clips you may not have heard.  From an obscure state representative in Michigan to a global overlord, and a few heroes in between.  Who is really impacting the US and the world?

I am always struck at the clear lines of negativity versus positivity that come from political movements in our modern time.  In this episode I take a short jog through a few narratives, some detailed in scope, and some broad.  As always I will give my opinion, but the information is left in your ears to use your own discernment to find your truth.

Cynthia Johnson Plays Table Tennis

You Owe Me Cynthia

Kary Mullis Nobel Prize Winning Biochemist

Dr. Heiko Schoning Interviewed by Anna Brees

Klaus Schwab Fiction

Klaus Schwab is the Million Dollar Man

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