Sovereignty - Environmentalism - Entrepreneurship - with Amber Bradshaw

Episode 54 - Sovereignty - Environmentalism - Entrepreneurship - with Amber Bradshaw 

Amber Bradshaw joins Jay in the Smokin Js podcast studio to discuss her life as a homesteader.  She is the creator of My Homestead Life, author of Beekeeping for Beginners, an avid blogger, a conscious environmentalist, and a human seeking freedom off the grid.

Every bit of Amber's lifestyle embodies that of a Conservative Hippie.  The blend of living off the grid as a homesteader while establishing a successful digital platform, makes Amber's story unique and modern.  In this day of restricted freedom, geopolitical turmoil, and restricted pandemic living, Amber's story can be a guide to those seeking an independent life away from societal trappings.

You can find Amber's work at
You can find Amber on Twitter @mymountainhome
You can find Amber on Instagram @myhomesteadlife

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