Election Exposes Ghosts of Administrations Past and Our Current Media Landscape

Episode 53 - Election Exposes Ghosts of Administrations Past and Our Current Media Landscape
A very important election edition of the Conservative Hippie podcast.  In this fire hose of information it is difficult to ascertain the truth within any particular burst; especially when you factor in the outward bias of our Main Stream Media sources.

This episode will take you on a journey of sound bites ranging from the hyperbolically hypocritical to evidentiarily flammable.  Buckle up, put on your tin foil hat, and let's ride!

Biden builds "The most extensive and inclusive voter fraud organization in the history of American politics."  That is a direct quote from Joe Biden himself.

Let's have unity, and move forward.  But on MSNBC they are calling for the dismantling of their political opponents.  

Headline Bias - Barr Wades Into Trump's False Voting Claims, Allowing Prosecutors To Investigate

Newt Gingrich is pissed!

GOP Official in Michigan Show Computer Glitch 

Sindey Powell lays out the voter fraud the Trump administration is looking into, and it includes a nefarious computer and software program.

Esper Out!

Mary Fanning and Lt General McInerney lay out the investigation into the Hammer super computer brought to light by whistle blower Dennis Montgomery and how it was potentially used by Democratic operatives in the 2020 election.  Audio and article by The American Report

Please click this link and give to Matt Braynard's project.  All of us should want to fully investigate and vet the authenticity of the 2020 election.

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