Anarcho Capitalism and Geopolitics as Defined by Tom Luongo

Episode 52 - Anarcho Capitalism and Geopolitics as Defined by Tom Luongo

This is a very special episode of The Conservative Hippie podcast.  I am joined today by Tom Luongo, host of the Gold Goats and Guns podcast, my future friend, and ardent Libertarian.

Tom enjoys mixing history, philosophy, economics, and politics into a personal blend of astute commentary on our current global structure and predicament.  He might prefer the moniker of market analyst, but you could also call him a geopolitical pundit of the highest degree.

Tom explains that Anarcho Capitalism isn't a structure intended to replace our current system, but instead a philosophy that can be applied in daily life.  After a great explanation on this confusing Libertarian philosophy, Tom and Jay weave in and out of topical economic and political flash points dominating the currents of modern life.  Fed policy, Russia! Russia! Russia!, globalism, and our current election are all touched on.

Tom Luongo on Twitter: @TFL1728

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