Listener Questions - Antifa Trump Protest Culture and Business

Episode 50 - Listener Questions - Antifa Trump Protest Culture and Business

I am so excited the podcast turned 50! It's been an interesting journey. I am happy to be here with you.

1:  Question: At what point in your life did you become a “conservative hippie,” and realize that to be true to yourself, you would identify yourself under two descriptors that most people believe go together like fire and water?
From @davestwittylife on Twitter

2:  Question: Will Joe Biden Debate Trump Considering he seems to be declining mentally?
From G Moody @geraldmoody1560 on Twitter and host of This That & the Third Podcast

3:  Question: How did all of this begin for you?
From @speakernikesa on Twitter

4:  Question: 2020 election Predictions for Minnesota and Wisconsin and the impact the rioting will have on them?
From @coachscott619 on Twitter

5:  Question: Episode 44 about Covid and scientists greed, any more insight now that we are day 1000000000 of the 15 day shutdown ?
From @navigator712 on Twitter

6:  Question: If the Antifa and BLM violence is harming the Democrats position for the election, what is their motive and which sponsors are supporting and funding them?
From @mikelawless1960 on Twitter

7:  Question: What was the most rewarding and most challenging moment of running your own business?
From @danny_g0mez on Twitter

8:  Question: What do progressives need to do to win over more moderate voters like yourself?
From @landacrew on Twitter

9:  What is your opinion, as a business owner, of the protest culture?
From anonymous

10:  Do you think Austin Steinbart is Q?
From anonymous

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