Hypocrisy In Politics Common Sense Rules

Episode 51 - Hypocrisy In Politics Common Sense Rules

Hypocrisy and projection abound within political narratives.  All rules of human decency have gone out the window in modern politics as media control and messaging to the masses takes the pole position.

Ruth Bader Ginsburg has died leaving open a Supreme Court seat very close to the 2020 election.  What should our representatives in government do in this situation?  The answer all depends on a matter of perspective, and it yet it completely flip flops from 4 years ago.  So in a time when nobody can be trusted, we have to seek a common sense solution based on current conditions.

The answer on "what to do" about the vacant Supreme Court seat is obvious once all the clutter of hyper-partisan politics is taken out of the equation.  The correct answer actually becomes a necessary imperative.

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@dividharsanyi - David Harsanyi writer for The Nation and NY Post
"After four years of paranoid Russia coverage you’d think it'd be somewhat big news that a presidential candidate’s son got $3.5 mil from a Putin stooge."