The Truth Doctor Interview - Logical Thinking and QAnon

Episode 46 - The Truth Doctor Interview - Logical Thinking and QAnon

Mike Lawless joins Jay Fratt to share his philosophy on critical thinking in today's fire hose information environment.  He uses the three P's to analyze information:  Is it Possible?  Is it Plausible?  Is it Probable?

Conspiracy Theorist Origination
Edward Bernays Redefines Propaganda

The QAnon movement, operation, or program is a complex topic with hot button issues, grand theories, and mysterious puzzles all wrapped into a secretive shell.  Mike and Jay try to tackle a reasonable discussion about this QAnon phenomenon.

QAnon Drop Map
HRC Crimes Against Children
Marina Abramovic and Pizza Gate
The Finders FBI Vault Documents

Mike is working on an educational YouTube channel (The Philosopher Engineer) to help educate people on problem solving and critical thinking.

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