Information on Washington State Vape Ban

Episode 42

There is a lot of confusion about the upcoming Vape Ban on the 9th of October.  Jay has Steven Berry of Hawaiian Vapor on the podcast to clear up a lot of confusion, and give clear instructions on how state citizens can act to fight the Vape Ban.

The Vape Ban isn't about saving the children, and it's not about the recent breakout in illness; so what is it all about, and why is there so much conflicting information presented by the government?  Steven Berry is here to help and shed light on the complex issue.

Washington State Board of Health
Seattle Airport Marriott Hotel
Washington Ballroom 9:15am
3201 S 176th St, Seattle, WA 98188
Meeting Agenda Web Site

Video: MSA and Vaping
VTA - Vapor Technology Association
AVA - American Vaping Association
CASSA - Consumer Advocates for Smoke Free Alternatives Association

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