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Dems win with UN Speech Media Blackout and Special Tweet of the Week

Episode 41

The timing of the recent whistle-blower-gate was peculiar.  Jay has a take you won't find in main stream or alt media, and it's a dead-on bulls-eye.  The opponents of President Trump don't want you to hear his speech at the UN General Assembly.  This speech had everything, including many points and promises his opponents don't want the general public to hear.

From a battle with globalists to mutual respect with Mexico, China trade war to social media tech monopolies, championing homosexual rights to national sovereignty, this UN Address had it all.  THEY don't want you to share this podcast.  THEY don't want you to share this speech.

Jay breaks it all down for you.  But in the middle of the special speech breakdown, Jay takes time with a little help from his friend Gerald Moody to announce the Tweet of the Week.  The life and time of Joe Biden is an amazing tale.  Be sure to tune in.

Trump UN Speech

Tweet of the Week: Michael Harriot @michaelharriot

Transgender Rights Continued Vaping Scourge and Epstein Black Book

Episode 40

Listener feedback on transgender civil rights issues. Perspective and intent in communication is critical to resist labeling and dismissing viewpoints and opinions of neighbors. A lot has been made of cancel culture lately. Jay gives his take.

VAPING! OMG we're all going to die and the children must be saved. Jay cuts through the hyperbole and misinformation in the media with a vaping tutorial and the real story behind the vaping deaths.

Stick around. At the end of the podcast we created an artistic piece on Jefferey Epstein.

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Vaping Outbreak
Photo by Nery Zarate

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