Trope on a Rope - Abortion - Transgender Civil Rights

Episode 38

Photo Credit: Maria Oswalt

Trope:  What is a trope?

I've lived 45 years on this planet without hearing that word.  It's all the rage these days:

"Don't fall for the gas lighting trope."
"He's using a racist trope."
"She's alluding to an antisemitic trope."

As I was researching what exactly a trope was, I discovered I may have heard it before after all.  It's a literary term describing plot development.  So in our modern psy-ops politics this term has been co-opted to describe a sly way of inferring something dastardly without overtly signifying the thing itself.

But I'm here to tell you:  It's ok.  Most likely the user of the word trope may indeed be spinning their own trope of deflection.  Yes indeed, they may be using an old political trope by accusing an adversary of using a trope.  How can we survive stuck in this terrible trope!

Just remember:  Omar can criticize Israel on the Palestinian conflict without casting you into an antisemitic trope.  Trump can point out inner city squaller without alluding to old racist tropes.  But if you fall into the divisive pitfalls of hyperbolic partisan politics, then you may be falling into the oldest political trope of all.

Abortion and the Death Penalty.  Hypocrisy on both sides:

Link: Iowa Mom Gives Birth at 23 Weeks:

Link: Senate Bill to Ban the Death Penalty:

Correction:  DNC Convention Reform
Or corruption solidified?

Link: Super Delegate Reform: 

Fact Checker: Eduardo 

Transgender in the military.
Trump has banned their ability to apply.  I have changed my mind on this topic, and I believe that they deserve all equal rights under the law, and this last right would secure those equal rights.  Ren Pellerin, a combat service veteran disagrees, and joins me in studio to discuss.

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