Carlos Mullen No Bad Days Ranch PTSD and Politics

Episode 37

Live from the Smokin Js podcast studio in Olympia, Washington. Carlos Mullen joins Jay to discuss his service to America, his latest adventure in entrepreneurship, and his take on hot button political topics. Carlos is a partner in No Bad Days Ranch, a legal cannabis producer/processor in Washington state. The ranch is focused on purely organic high quality cannabis products, and connecting the ranch property to first responders and military service members suffering from PTSD.

Carlos is an American immigrant, brought to the United States by his parents from Columbia. He proudly served in Operation Enduring Freedom from 2006-2014. Unfortunately an IED ended his service. He was awarded a Purple Heart for his distinguished military service. Carlos has an amazing life story, and his connection to cannabis saved him from a dangerous addiction to alcohol. He now finds himself with a mission to cultivate cannabis and support fellow PTSD sufferers with the healing properties of therapy and cannabis.

And he is opinionated also! His own personal perspective gives him a unique look at our current political climate.

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