Corruption in Your Face

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This episode is about a recent example of corruption by a professional play actor, and how it ties into another clear case of corruption by the Democratic National Committee. No change will come without holding corruption accountable. But it must come from within.

Luis Hernandez phones in to ask a question.

Tweet of the Week: Michael Tracey has been blasting media pundits that tricked and duped the American public for two years advancing the false and salacious narrative surrounding RussiaGate. The Tweet of the Week calls on the fateful "Russia if You're Listening" campaign joke by President Trump.

Let’s start it off! Jussie Smollet! The smelter of the truth. The great fabricator. He is a trained faker after all. This story will not go away! First, unimaginable victim of hate from ignorant white men. No, not just ignorant, but evil white men. Attacked in the middle of the night for being black and gay. These hateful Aryans apparently were Empire fan-boys, and out to rid this world of another successful black gay man. The tail hearkens back to terrible crimes of recent past when James Byrd, a black man, was drug behind a pick-up truck to his death in 1998. Or Mathew Shepard, a gay man, who in 1998 was tied to a log and beaten to death. Real horrific crimes that shocked our entire nation and shined a light on an extreme hatred against minorities by monsters that live among us.

Those are real stories our nation had to deal with. Instead of dividing us, these stories urged all of us to stamp out this kind of hatred and correct the errors of our past. Jussie Smollet used these tragic events to his advantage. Hate crimes are real, and they are terrible. They are not tolerated by society. But quickly after the reports of Jussie’s attack his national news. A harrowing escape of a hate crime turned into a botched hoax by a conniving, privileged, greedy, opportunist.

You see, hate crimes are rare. They are horrible. The same media that tracks how divided our nation is, also seeks stories to amplify this division. But we aren’t truly divided by race or sexual orientation. We are simply divided by narrative. Black men, gay women, white people, virtually all people demanded justice when the Smollet hoax was revealed. There is enough narrative and legitimate political reasons we are all divided, our society cannot stand for a play actor taking advantaged of horrific crimes of the past to forward his career and political leanings. It seems these days, the victim is the great status we can achieve in our society.

But here is where I need to deviate from the broader discussion within our modern punditry. The brightest light is not being shined on hatred in America, but corruption. And there is a clear line directly to the corruption within the Democratic party and the power structure that continues to obfuscate, dismiss, and cover up clear corruption at the highest levels. In the end this story is not about a divided society on color and sexual preference lines, but class and political influence.

16 felony counts against Smollet for creating the hate crime hoax were brought from the evidence by an independent Grand Jury.

These charges were dropped this week. Look the case made national news. I'm not going to litigate the details of the hoax. It's a messy, gross, and incompetent hoax. While the 16 felony counts may sound like overkill, we citizens demand justice when someone seeks to take advantage of our legal system to benefit themselves.

And that's where my larger point comes into play. Kim Foxx, the Cook County State's Attorney, known associate of Presidential Candidate Kamala Harris received a phone call from Michelle Obama's former Chief of Staff urged her to move the investigation from the Chicago police to the FBI. At first Foxx recused herself in light of the political connections and pressure, but then took the reins and dropped the charges against Smollet.

This is the troubling part. Not the allegations that a professional faker created some nefarious fakery to prop himself up as a victim. It's the blatant political weight tipping the scales of justice in favor of a valued supporter. Cronyism! Not in dark smoke filled rooms in the dead of night, but right in our face.

Listen, I don't mean to get long winded. I want to make sure we are on the same page. Smollet is attacked by the exact type of person the media warns us all about: White supremacist MAGA supporters. But he was actually attacked by two Nigerians that he paid to attack him. The police are hopping mad when they realize they have been duped, and they quickly gather evidence and bring charges to bring the hoax perpetrator to justice. But the perpetrator is a well connected famous person, and the charges are dropped by political partisans.

Ok, we're caught up now.

The blatant corruption within the highest reaches of the Democratic Party is the problem. It’s not red hat wearing MAGA supporters. It’s not Russian interference in our election process. When the Podesta emails shined a light on blatant corruption within the Democratic Party, its nomination process, and the inner workings of a big money political machine operating under the guise of an altruistic organization. The outrage that should have created reform within the Democratic Party instead was transferred to a bogus conspiracy theory about Russian meddling and direct connections to the Trump campaign. It should have always been about the emails, but they were able to transfer attention to how the emails were released, and worse, their corrupt story about how the emails were obtained.

Now Smollet, a rich, entitled, and politically connected man allegedly perpetrated a fraud on our society with a fake hate crime attack. His actions leave real marginalized and vulnerable minorities weaker today than they were before the incident. But some would say even more importantly he used his political cronies to get him off the 16 felony charges in the face of justice and the public. The Democratic Party has lost all identity with its constituents. Time after time they game a system they state they are fighting to bring equality to. With no apologies no less. Smollet clearly showed he is not a black gay victim, but a powerful celebrity political agent. We’ll see how they trick their constituents into looking away and ignoring this gross hypocrisy this time.

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