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Corruption in Your Face

Photo By - Pawel Czerwinski

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This episode is about a recent example of corruption by a professional play actor, and how it ties into another clear case of corruption by the Democratic National Committee. No change will come without holding corruption accountable. But it must come from within.

Luis Hernandez phones in to ask a question.

Tweet of the Week: Michael Tracey has been blasting media pundits that tricked and duped the American public for two years advancing the false and salacious narrative surrounding RussiaGate. The Tweet of the Week calls on the fateful "Russia if You're Listening" campaign joke by President Trump.

Let’s start it off! Jussie Smollet! The smelter of the truth. The great fabricator. He is a trained faker after all. This story will not go away! First, unimaginable victim of hate from ignorant white men. No, not just ignorant, but evil white m…