EP-034 Portland Culture Wars and Tweet of the Week

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Sean Wilkening is back for another visit to discuss recent Culture Wars in Downtown Portland and how they extrapolate to the broader divisive problem in the United States.

Tourists Stuck in an Antifa protest.

Video of Elderly Man stuck in Antifa protest.

Crosswalk Cathy: @MrAndyNgo Covers Jumping to Conclusions and the Ramifications.

Tweet of the Week: @helena_jennie Interview with James Douglass

Recently I came across a powerful tweet by @helena_jennie in which she posts a 45 minute interview with James Douglass, author of JFK and the Unspeakable.  He studied the prominent assassinations of the 60's and through this analysis has drawn striking conclusions about the United States.

He talks about the personal responsibility of evil.  Recognizing that the evil done on this world by our government is not the responsibility of an uncontrollable monolith, but by you, by me.  Taking responsibility that we are the government.

Just look at how upset people are getting these days over partisan political bickering.  Not even about actual political policy, but simply words.  People are fighting for the right to be righteous and powerful over one another where as in reality they simply differ on a very basic political opinion.  Frivolity has given way to hyperbole, and we are on the verge of cultural hysteria.

But underneath it all we enable a militaristic jobs program that slaughters humans across the globe.  Let's be clear, war is an industry and it employs and empowers tens of thousands of Americans.  We are directly responsible for deaths in Afghanistan, Yemen, and Iraq.  Right now, you and I.  We are responsible and profiting.

Douglass draws parallels from our current societal structure to the book 1984.  It's a fascinating interview and wonderful source to probe your own thoughts on American imperialism.

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