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EP-033 Jay Frodo in Studio on Spirituality and Entrepreneurialism

This episode is the perfect blend of hippie, business, and free agent lifestyle I envisioned when I created The Conservative Hippie Podcast. Enjoy, and please leave an iTunes review, share the pod with your social circle, and shoot me an email with any comments. #Enjoy Jay Frodo, founder of Dichroic Alchemy, Atlantis Glass, Maui Super Herbs , Maui CBD , and Maui Medical Ashram joins Jay Fratt in studio to discuss his entrepreneurial philosophy and insights into spirituality. Beyond starting success companies, Jay Frodo has also been able to pull away from his entrepreneurial creations to seek more fulfillment in life. He has developed specific theories on the life cycle of a business which he shares with us. An example being an equation he came up with for entrepreneurial success: Passion x Momentum = Breakthrough. Guru is a term that could be applied to Jay Frodo. Perhaps life coach is another label. However, Jay Frodo doesn't like the modern narrow definition of t