EP-032 Recycling Immigration and Scott Horton on Yemen

I've been gone for a minute, but I'm back now!  Soccer has taken over my podcasting time for many months.  Check out the Kick from the Spot podcast if you are interested in the EPL, Champions League, and the US Men's National Team.

3:00 Mark:  Libertarians are missing an opportunity on environmentalism and recycling.

14:35 Mark:  New segment:  The Unwritten Rules of Society.

18:38 Mark:  Interview with Scott Horton
I'm recording from the new Smokin Js podcast studio, complete with some new tricks.  The Conservative Hippie Podcast now has telephone interview capabilities!  We stretch out our new legs with a powerful interview of Scott Horton on the US involvement in the war in Yemen.  What the heck are we doing there, and what's the point of this conflict?  Scott brings his energetic style and deep knowledge base on foreign policy to the podcast.

54:04 Mark:  Periscope Immigration Rant

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