EP-027 Gerald Moody from the IamRapaport Stereo Podcast Gets the Spotlight Treatment

Rapapack! This podcast is for you! Known as Always Ready G Moneti, one half of the Disco Two, and the two time podcast co host of the year ... Gerald Moody has become a podcast icon with his famous friend Michael Rapaport. Together they make up the on air talent of the IamRapaport Stereo Podcast. "Plucked from obscurity" is how G Moody describes his rise from everyday G to one half of the most entertaining podcast in the business. True to his nickname, Always Ready G Moneti flew to Olympia, Wa to share more of his life than is reveled through his podcast with life long friend Michael Rapaport. The interview is tailor made for a Rapapack member, but entertaining enough for any casual podcast fan. Get to know Gerald more, and maybe even learn some IamRapaport secrets. Much respect and big thanks to G Moody for taking the time to share himself with me and the rest of the Rapapack. Enjoy.


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