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EP-028 Retrograde is For Real Democrats and Boxing Fans Share Defensive Blindness

Flying solo once again in the Humidor, the Smokin Js podcast studio in Olympia, Wa. Jay has beef with Adora Zen, writer of Stoner Horoscopes. The number one question of Why The Conservative Hippie Podcast exists is answered. Your decisions and votes matter well beyond yourself ... Jay lays out his 200k person theory. How defensive aggression blinds people and organizations to self and organizational evaluation. Finally, Jay sets the record straight on the post Charlottesville analysis and anger towards Trump's reaction and speech. Take the time to give feedback, rate this podcast, and share with friends and enemies. The Conservative Hippie Podcast is all about community. Email feedback to theconservativehippiepodcast@gmail.comSponsors:SmokinJs.comKickFromTheSpot.comStonerHoroScope.com420update.tvStonerHoroScope.comMoody Beats If you cannot see the audio controls, your browser does not support the audio element

EP-027 Gerald Moody from the IamRapaport Stereo Podcast Gets the Spotlight Treatment

Rapapack! This podcast is for you! Known as Always Ready G Moneti, one half of the Disco Two, and the two time podcast co host of the year ... Gerald Moody has become a podcast icon with his famous friend Michael Rapaport. Together they make up the on air talent of the IamRapaport Stereo Podcast. "Plucked from obscurity" is how G Moody describes his rise from everyday G to one half of the most entertaining podcast in the business. True to his nickname, Always Ready G Moneti flew to Olympia, Wa to share more of his life than is reveled through his podcast with life long friend Michael Rapaport. The interview is tailor made for a Rapapack member, but entertaining enough for any casual podcast fan. Get to know Gerald more, and maybe even learn some IamRapaport secrets. Much respect and big thanks to G Moody for taking the time to share himself with me and the rest of the Rapapack. Enjoy. Email feedback to theconservativehippiepodcast@gmail.comSponsors:Smokin…